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Hi Beauties and thanks for visiting Lavish Academy, Lavish Beauty’s Online training source, where you can learn microblading at your own pace, anywhere and anytime, in our Lavish Academy Online Microblading Training Course. Whether you’re new to the microblading industry or you are a skilled microblader in love with the Lavish technique, microblading training with Lavish Academy is for you! You can start or expand an exciting career in this high demand field for as little as a $1,000! Microblading training has never been more convenient or more affordable. If you would rather learn in person in our Lavish Beauty Studio, enroll in our live all day training course, where you will receive a complete Lavish Academy Microblading Kit and receive training from the creator of Lavish Beauty’s Microblading Technique, master classes, shadow days or instructor training ….Call (407) 402-5821 for more information!

This is what the course covers:

Microblading training at Lavish Academy is a comprehensive course, providing an in-depth study of the anatomy of a brow, mapping and measurement with calipers, alignment, contouring, color theory, pigmentation matching, the unique Lavish Beauty Strokes and technique (e.g., blading technique, feathering, stroking), proper depth for desired healing outcomes, procedural set up, healing aspects, client contradictions, and standards governing health and safety. Additionally, training is provided in sensitive areas, such as eyebrow reconstruction, scars, and disfigured brows. Theory is applied in practical hands-on experience with multiple artificial surfaces, before working with a live model. 
Each learning module and simulated experience is submitted directly to Brandi herself! The online course includes a 15 minute Skype or FaceTime session with Brandi, after all of your modules are complete and before you work on a live model!

Master kit includes:

  • 10 disposable Microblading blades (10 blades valued at $550 each (Microblading service)= $5,500)
  • 4 top Microblading colors used by Lavish
Pain relieving lidocaine stick
  • One flat and one raised eyes artificial skin for practice
  • 5 Lavish Beauty Mapping Rulers
  • Lavish Beauty Manual
  • Color Manual
  • Aftercare
  • Lavish Beauty Tote

We are here for all of our students and look forward to having you become apart of the Lavish family! xoxo #teamlavish …..  For any questions please give us a call 407-402-5821! Be sure and check out all of our social media as well as our main site www.lavishbeauty.com too!


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